"After my first session, I felt absolutely wonderful. I was truly surprised by the way my body reacted. On the days following my sessions, I felt euphoric: my energy level was high, and I could breathe more easily and clearly. I recommend this profound experience to anyone that needs healing or cleansing." 

—J.S., Scottsdale, Arizona


"I've been to Oxygen Sauna many times. The treatments are cleansing and therapeutic. I finished chemotherapy in April, and the ozone immersion treatments are helping me detox and return to my prior health. Dayna is always very polite and attentive during my treatments. She is also very informed about other holistic items that I have adopted. Her facility is clean and private, and the price is remarkably low. I highly recommend giving Oxygen Sauna a try!


"I would like to add one more thing: I'm HIV, and was not doing well. For two years I was losing 10 T-cell counts every month, like clockwork. ALL HIV Meds are resistant. On 4/21/2015 my T-cells were at 19. Today I learned that as of 6/3/2015 they are actually UP to 63!!! The ONLY change in my regiment has been the addition of ozone immersion! That's an increase of 44 points, with only FOUR sessions (so far). I can tell you, I will be continuing this very healing therapy. Thanks, Dayna!”

—G.V., Scottsdale, Arizona


If you have the opportunity to experience the Oxygen Sauna treatment with Dayna, you will leave feeling better inside and out. Not only does Dayna offer you the best TLC during your treatment, she is extremely educated in the use of Ozone and the benefits that she has experienced and witnessed over the years treating herself and others.  After several sessions I have become very aware of the benefits of this treatment.  Especially the feeling of detox and feeling cleaner inside,  and a bonus of softer skin!  If you think about how toxic our world has become and realize prevention is better than illness, you would not hesitate to include this treatment as a permanent mainstay in your life. Thank Dayna for all that you do. 

–J. K., Mesa, AZ

"I am a nutritional therapist and have had many experiences with body cleansing. For many years I have had my colon cleaned with O2 and hydrotherapy. I have been on various cleanses, and the only thing I wasn’t able to get rid of was a blue-gray ring around the iris of my eyes. This suggests lymph problems caused by heavy metals so I did a heavy metal cleanse to try and help, but there was no change. I had bad caps in my teeth and I changed out what I had to gold on the inside. After my first Oxygen Sauna session my lymph evidently detoxed, for my eyes are clear! I'm amazed! Years of work . . . and it took only one session and I'm clear. Thank God."

—J.D., Leeds, Utah

"Dayna has been so knowledgeable and thorough in her care for me during my sessions. I came to her for support with wound healing but quickly realized the sauna's benefit in other ways like detoxification and oxygenation. Most importantly I repeatedly got pain relief from a chronic open cancerous lesion. AND Dayna has created such an wonderful environment to relax and heal in. Thank you, Dayna!'

––C. W. Seattle WA


"Detoxing is so important to good health whether combating illness or just from environmental toxins. I can say after my first session I was surprised to see all the toxins I had shed while in the sauna. Afterwards I felt energized and healthier. After suffering with an illness for years, I am very familiar with the importance of detoxing. I highly recommend this as a part of a weekly detox regimen. It will be mine for sure." 

—E.L., Phoenix, Arizona 


"I have been using the Oxygen Sauna off and on for over five years for immune system support and for muscle/tissue rehabilitation. I find that being in the sauna, over the course of a few weeks at a time, gives me more energy. I also seem to have fewer aches and pains, especially a few days after a big workout or long exercise session when I've built up some lactic acid. I've also found that being in the sauna helps my body heal from small abrasions or cuts that I occasionally get from work, climbing, and other outdoor activities. I would recommend the sauna to anyone who wants to keep their body more healthy from a sports recovery/injury perspective." 

—C.W., Seattle, Washington


"I have known about ozone-sauna healing for years, both as a very powerful healing modality and for detoxing the body of heavy metals and other toxins, but had never tried it until recently. When I discovered that the cost per session is low, and heard about the potential benefits again, I signed up and had my first session the next day. I was pleasantly surprised when I got out of the sauna and saw the residue of my recently departed toxins on the towel I had been sitting on. I have done other detox treatments, but this was the first time I got immediate evidence that it really worked. 


"Dayna has been great to work with. She explained things thoroughly and answered all my questions and attended to my needs while in the sauna. Try it—I think you will be impressed."

—Phil, Gilbert, Arizona

"I want you to know that the ozone sauna not only made me feel energized after each session. My body was retaught how to sweat which is vital towards healing from diseases. I learnt so much from you. Thank you for our thoughtfullness, kindness, and for sharing your wealth of information with me."

–J. P., New York