My Story


For me the Oxygen Sauna has been a lifesaver. In the early '90s I became very ill and after countless doctors, both allopathic and alternative, I still felt incredibly ill but by the grace of God I met a French doctor visiting the US who practiced medicine I had not found any other doctor able to do. I started to feel better in large part to the oxygen and ozone therapy he did with me in addition to his teaching me about the importance of detoxing and sweating.


This experience inspired me to research and learn more about oxygen and ozone, which lead me to the modality of adding it to a steam sauna system. I traveled to Canada to study with Dr. Frank Shallenberger, a pioneer in ozone therapies. I bought my own equipment and experimented by doing 21 sessions in a row. I began to feel the life and energy coming back into me. From that day until now I have used the oxygen sauna weekly. It has floated my boat, so to speak, as years later I found out I was dealing with chronic lyme disease. I feel that it has helped slow the progression of the bacteria and helped with the symptoms of the disease.


I started the Oxygen Sauna business in 1997 so I could help others, and over years I have seen again and again how it has assisted hundreds of people with their health issues. I hope you will try it for yourself.  If your health issues have weighed you down, I wish for you a renewing of strength, wellness, and abundant vitality, so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest. If you are blessed with good health I encourage you greatly to maintain it by the process of sweating and receiving oxygen at the cellular level, you'll be surprised how much better you will feel.


Best of Health,